Adam Bohemond (Glossy Bohemond) is an artist living and working out of Brooklyn, NY. His work invites a colorful illumination to the darker side of being, while exhibiting attention to detail and expert applications of a variety of mediums. Working in the past as a performance and makeup artist has greatly affected the inspirational elements of his ink drawings, oil paintings and sculptures. Adam is 25 years old and graduated from The Fashion Institute of Technology, Magna Cum Laude, in New York City with a BFA in Illustration. While in school, he presented a strong attraction to portraiture and character development. These two key facets of his work became magnified as he incorporated the 2D concepts and applied them to both human skin and live performance. Working in these environments brought the necessity to advertise, which lead to a new fascination with poster art and lettering. He is a firm believer in having complete control when it comes to presenting his traditional work. This website, the logo and lettering work, even custom frames for exhibitions are all mandatory components to formulating Glossy’s total immersive vision. Working in this fashion also makes him strive for collaborative projects. Clients are always impressed by his one of kind, labors of love. “Glossy” came out of necessity for exhibiting a self made identity. The construction of his art not only requires a knowledgeable and technical method in fabricating new ideas, but also a reach for an inner power. The practice of visual control is a deep-rooted commitment, which allows him to manifest concepts clearly. Whether its traditional illustration, digital art, black and white or color, Glossy understands the importance of all these trades collectively and brings them together to create unique and professional quality work. Photography by Ashwini M. Jambotkar

Artwork © Adam Bohemond (Glossy Bohemond) 2016. All Rights Reserved